Cybrary Reaches 1,000,000 Users


Cybrary’s Millionth User Party — May 11th, 2017

Cybrary is a free and open source cyber security learning platform that I constantly recommend to anyone wanting to learn cyber security or build a team of cyber security experts. This includes anyone from high school kids who want to learn about a potential career, veterans transitioning out of the military, service providers who want to offer cyber services and well funded institutions who need to grow the next generation of cyber leadership for the SOCs, audit and hunt teams.

The courses are
high quality and online which means you can take them at your own pace and from the comfort of your home, local library or favorite coffee shop. Courses include many popular certifications including CompTIA A+, ISACA CISM and ISC2 CISSP.

Hundreds of other courses for security vendors and micro certifications are also available. For example, here is a screen shot of Tenable’s “Asset Management with Tenable.IO training course”:

Manage Your Security Team Training
In addition to Tenable, Cybrary offers many different types of vendor content and training. This can be seen in their “ 
CH4NN3LS” page. If you need an update on your skills or are applying for a job where a certain vendor is in use at your potential employer, this is a great way to be more competitive and take advantage of the security technology you have access too.

One Million Users in Less then Two Years
Shortly after RSA this year, Cybrary introduced their 
Teams solution which allows organizations to manage the training and certification of their security team members. This offering is very low cost and is a great way to manage and encourage your security team members to stay on top of new technology and security training, but to also easily demonstrate to your organization’s management and their customers the qualifications of your cyber security team.

With the shortage of cyber security talent, this is a great tool for any size organization. You can easily see and manage what sort of cyber training your team needs and create programs to bring your team the skills they need. This is also a great way to verify how much someone know.

With all of this cyber content and new functionality, it’s no wonder the team at Cybrary recently threw a party to celebrate their 1 millionth user! It took them 18 months to get to 500,000 users, and then 9 months from then to reach one million. This is outstanding growth.

Congratulations to the team at Cybrary! You are helping to create the next generation of cyber warriors and bringing new talent to cyber fight!