Don’t Panic! Corona Virus Impact Tips for Cyber Startups


The Corona Virus presents cybersecurity startups with a variety of tough problems and real opportunities. On one hand, you have to run and grow your business while working from home and facing a challenging time. On the other hand, cybersecurity is now more important than it ever was. I asked nine different venture capital investors for the advice they are currently sharing with their portfolio cyber companies.
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Cyberspace Solarium Take Aways 


The United States Cyberspace Solarium Commission released their report on March 11, 2020. The report recommends a wide variety of strategies and proposed cyberspace legislation. Most of the report I really agreed with such as more resources for CISA and Cyber Command or tasking NIST with efforts to make cyber insurance easier.  This blog is about what I found really interesting and what I liked in the report - namely vulnerability liability, a US population smarter about cyberspace and increased support for elections on a near equal footing with critical infrastructure.  
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