Episode 12 - Trevor Pryce - Creator, Animator & NFL Football Player


In episode 12, Trevor Pryce is interviewed by Ron and Cyndi Gula about his latest efforts to bring animation and movie making to Baltimore. We discuss his NFL career, how he got into animation and film making, the fantasy animation Netflix series Kulipari, his current movie, series and video game productions at Outlook and how we can get more young adults into high tech jobs. Plus we name drop Mark Hamill, Ben Roethlisberger, Keith David, JJ Abrams and many other sci-fi and sports icons. Read More…

Gula Tech Foundation March 2021 Grant Competition


Cyndi and I are thrilled to announce that our next competitive grant competition is now open. The focus of the March 2021 Gula Tech Foundation competitive grant is a key component of Data Care - increasing public awareness about cybersecurity. If your nonprofit educates any part of the general public about the risks and opportunities of cybersecurity, you should submit a grant request. We will be donating $1,000,000 - $250k for first place, $200k for second place, $150k for third place and four $100k grant for four runner up awardees. The top winners will be recognized May 20th at an awards ceremony as part of the virtual RSA 2021 conference. Grant applications will be open from March 22nd through April 9th, 2021.


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Episode 11 - NPower - Creating Pathways to Prosperity in Tech Careers


Ron and Cyndi Gula interview Robert Vaughn and Kendra Parlock of NPower. NPower won a $300k competitive grant from the Gula Tech Foundation and has a mission to move people from poverty to the middle class through tech skills training and quality job placement. We discuss the NPower program, how IT and cybersecurity is taught to the trainees and how our listeners can get involved as guest speakers, mentors, hosting interns and hiring graduates. Kendra is the NPower Executive Director of Maryland and Robert is the Head of the National Instructors Institute at NPower and a former CISO.

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Enterprise Security Weekly #220 Cyber Investing


I was very happy to join my friends at Enterprise Security Weekly for episode #220. Paul Asadoorian, Adrian Sanabria and Tyler Shields spoke with me about cyber investing, Data Care and the Gula Tech Foundation. Read More…

Episode 10 - Trinity Cyber - Steve Ryan & Tom Bossert - Intrusion Prevention On Steroids


Steve Ryan and Tom Bossert discuss Trinity Cyber's advanced and proven ability to prevent cyber attacks with Ron Gula. We discuss how Trinity Cyber is taking a fundamentally new approach to rapidly remove exploits in documents and interdict botnet command and control for large and small organizations. We also discuss cybersecurity policy since Tom was the former Homeland Security Advisor to President Trump and Steve was the National Security Agency's Threat Operations Center Deputy Director.

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January 2021 Grant Award Winners


Cyndi and Ron Gula would like to congratulate the winners of our January 2021 Grant, focused on nonprofits increasing African American engagement in cybersecurity. The winners selected by our advisory board are:
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So You Want to Start a Cybersecurity Company?


I'd like to thank the Cybersecurity 2021 conference, Security Boulevard and DevOps.com for giving me a chance to speak about starting cybersecurity companies. The talk is about 30 minutes, discusses the cybersecurity industry, five questions you should ask yourself when starting and pitching, and some mistakes and distractions I've seen founders make doing pitches and communicating about their companies. Read More…

January 2021 Grant Finalists


The Gula Tech Foundation is thrilled to announce the finalists for our January 2021 Grant Competition. The competition will award a total of $1,000,000 to three nonprofits who increase African American engagement  in cybersecurity. The top three winners will be announced at our March 9th, 2021 Awards Ceremony. Our finalists are:

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