High School Presentation - Cybersecurity Principles - Data, Privacy, & Trust


I was very happy to record a session called "Cybersecurity Principles - Data, Privacy, & Trust" for high school and middle school cybersecurity classrooms across the country. Read More…

Fault Lines Podcast - The Solarium and the Private Sector with Ron Gula & Megan Brown


Fault Lines welcomes Ron Gula, NSI Advisory Board member and President of Gula Tech Adventures, and Megan Brown, NSI Senior Fellow and Partner at Wiley Rein LLP to discuss the recent Cyberspace Solarium Report. How will the Cyberspace Solarium Report impact the private sector? Why did the report punt on the encryption debate? Does any of this actually get implemented? Ron, Megan, and Fault Lines Host Les Munson answer these questions and many more on this week’s episode of Fault Lines!

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