Business Risks 2020 Keynote


I had the opportunity to
keynote the Business Risks 2020 conference and spoke about how cybersecurity has been impacted by the COVID crisis and what we can expect in 2021. I also got to take some live questions from the audience.

The video of the keynote is available on
I discussed how well things were going for cybersecurity before the COVID crisis, recapped what happened during 2020 and what the future holds for our industry. I closed with a call to talk about our industry as the "data care" industry to inspire personal responsibility in the general public and make it easier to enter this career field.

I'd like to thank
Grahm Dodge, Executive Director of MAGIC, and Janet Ladd, Senior Director of Corporate Services and Workforce Development at Carroll Community College, for both sponsoring and running the day long event.

The complete conference can be viewed