Conscious Cocktails - Nonprofit & For-Profit Partnerships, What’s at Stake?


Cyndi speaks on a
panel hosted by C3MD about nonprofit & for-profit partnerships and how to make the most out of the partnerships by empowering your employees and making ‘sticky’ relationships for ongoing success. Read More…

Extreme Uncertainty #20 - Cyndi Gula - Co-Founder for Life Part II


Mike Leffer and Mike Ravenscroft interview Cyndi Gula on Episode 20 of the Extreme Uncertainty podcast. Cyndi discusses Data Care, her journey as an entrepreneur in cybersecurity and gives advice for those "silentpreneurs” who work behind the scenes and her take on what needs to change to make cybersecurity a more inclusive environment for women and people of color.

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Episode #1 - Cyndi Gula - Gula Tech Foundation and Data Care

In our first ever "Gula Tech Cyber Fiction" show, Ron Gula interviews Cyndi Gula about her cybersecurity entrepreneur background, Data Care and the Gula Tech Foundation - including tips for the upcoming January 4th, 2021 grant applicants.

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Hacking Matters Holiday Panel


Cyndi and I were very happy to participate in a holiday themed
Hacking Matters Panel. We also had the chance to present a joint talk on Data Care during the inaugural Security Weekly Unlocked.

Congratulations to the team at Security Weekly for a great 15 years! You have truly helped educate and inspire a generation of cybersecurity professionals!

Cybersecurity - What’s It All About?


As part of the Cyber Center for Education & Innovation program for K-12 teachers and students, Cyndi Gula presented a session on what working in cybersecurity is like, what it's all about and how we can recruit more people into our industry. She discussed how "data care" is a useful term for thinking about cybersecurity like health care. She also let people visualize working in cybersecurity as belonging to one of four groups - attackers, creators, operators and educators. This is a good video for new teachers or educators getting into cybersecurity and requires a free account to watch.

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Data Care: The Monolith Formerly Known As Cybersecurity


Cyndi Gula joined Cybrary Podcast #42 to discuss Data Care with Jonathan Meyers and Thomas Horlacher. During the hour discussion, Cyndi discussed how the term "cyber" is vague, not personal and not inviting to those outside our industry. Broadening our industry name with the term "Data Care" makes it easier to convey personal digital responsibility for the general public and also easier to recruit more people to a career in cybersecurity.

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Cyber and CyberSecurity is a Team Sport


Cyber has an identity crisis. Most people think it is someone else’s problem. The reality is cyber is all of our issues. It is personal. But the challenge is how do we engage people to understand they have a role to play. Read More…

StartUp Grind Columbia - Ron & Cyndi Fireside Chat

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.24.16 PM

Ron and Cyndi had the opportunity to be interviewed - fireside chat style -  by StartUp Grind Columbia MD Chapter Director Chris Haug. We got to share a wide variety of advice with an audience of tech founders about growing companies, raising capital, working with family members, enabling teams and employees and planning for success as well as dealing with failure.  Read More…