Checkpoint Acquires Protego


Protego Labs was
acquired by Checkpoint Software to offer serverless security monitoring. Protego joins the Checkpoint CloudGuard family and monitors AWS Lambda applications and APIs for user configuration and coding security issues. Congratulations to Protego CEO Tsion Gonen. Read More…

Protego Introduces Damn Vulnerable Serverless App

A few weeks ago, Protego released an open source project called the Damn Vulnerable Serverless App. The project was donated to OWASP and can be used by anyone to research, teach and test security issues associated serverless computing.
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Securing Serverless — Q&A With Protego CTO Hillel Solow


Serverless computing is the ultimate reduction in security attack surface. There is no computer, virtual machine, container infrastructure or network service to attack — just your code and the potential of a security issue introduced by mostly human configuration errors. As is tradition with our portfolio companies, I conducted an interview with the CTO of our serverless security investment, Protego Labs about how monitoring the security of a serverless infrastructure is different than traditional cyber security paradigms.
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