Chandler Givens - Timing the Market


Chandler Givens was interviewed on the Extreme Uncertainty podcast about timing your exit. Cyndi and I were very happy to work with Chandler and his cofounder Ryan Flach on their TrackOFF journey and were drawn to their commitment to privacy, what they achieved technically and their ability to gain national media coverage. TrackOff exited to Avast in 2019.

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Baltimore software startup TrackOFF purchased by global cybersecurity firm


Avast acquired TrackOff to offer PC, Mac and mobile solutions that enables consumers to see who is tracking them online and prevent personal information from being collected. Congratulations to co-founders Chandler Givens and Ryan Flach. Read More…

Q&A With TrackOFF founders, Chandler Givens and Ryan Flach


TrackOff founders Chandler Givens, CEO (left) and Ryan Flach, CTO (right)

As security professionals, we all want to enhance our privacy as well as the privacy of our workplace, personal life and family. Late last year, Gula Tech Adventures invested in a Baltimore based company called TrackOFF that does exactly that. They’ve created a very popular mass-market privacy application that is simple and effective to use for a wide variety of audiences. I caught up with the co-founders (Chandler Givens and Ryan Flach) of TrackOFF and asked them some questions about privacy and their solutions.

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