COVID and Cyber Security Webinars

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This blog tracks the variety of upcoming and recorded cyber security webinars Ron Gula participated in during the COVID epidemic. This blog is being updated with new webinars as they occur.
Find Your Beacon During The Storm - Building Your Business During a Crisis
May 12, 2020
Martin Roesch, Caleb Sima and Ron Gula have a discussion about how they built their businesses during a crisis. Moderated by Elizabeth Wharton.

Cory Doctorow Being Civil With Security Experts
May 9, 2020
Cory Doctorow will join Gadi Evron on Saturday (9 May) to talk on DRM, Right to Repair, and COVID-19/Med-Tech, read from “Unauthorized Bread”, and moderate a panel discussion featuring Steve Crocker, Martin Roesch, Keren Elazari, Ron Gula, Dmitri Alperovitch and Caleb Sima, discussing the challenges of digital policy when facing security and privacy realities.

Cybersecurity growth in the DC-area: Overcoming Challenges and Doubling Down on Unique Contributors to Business Momentum
May 6, 2020
Ron Gula moderated a discussion about cybersecurity growth in the DC region with Evan Weisel, Principal & Co-Founder, W2 Communications, John Funge from DataTribe, Michael Denning from Blu Ventures, Donna Ruginski from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Alison Kidd from GroCyber, John Czupak from ThreatQuotient and Tiffany Kleeman from Imperva.

Strengthening Your Security Posture During a Pandemic
April 29, 2020
INKY Founder and CEO, Dave Baggett, and Founder and CEO, Karim Hijazi, Prevailion explore today’s threats and tips to strengthen your security today. Moderated by Ron Gula.

DCA Live Cyber Leaders Roundtable
April 28, 2020
DCA Live hosted a Cyber Leaders Roundtable on April 28 to check in with leaders of the region's fastest growing cyber security companies on the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic.

CBRE and W2 Cyber Roundtable
April 25, 2020
CBRE and W2 Communications organized a cyber town hall moderated by Yong-Gun Chong to discuss the impact of COVID19 on the startup community. We discussed working from home, applying for PPP loans and focusing on what makes your cyber business good. Participants included Jonathan Hall, Ron Gula, Michael Weigand, Bret C. Cohen, Brian Egenrieder, James Shea, Colin Dunn and Evan Weisel and Jack Evans.

Panel: How Cyber Startups Can Weather the COVID19 Crisis
April 24, 2020
Mindgrub CEO
Todd Marks sat down with , Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics, Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at Attila Security and Ron Gula, President of Gula Tech Adventures to learn more about how startups in the cyber industry can take this moment as a mandate to build their businesses into something leaner and more resilient.