Tribe of Hackers and Working in CyberSecurity

I recently had the chance to participate in two separate book projects that documented what working in the cyber industry was like. Each project interviewed a wide variety of cyber experts and industry leaders and I was honored to be included in each project.
The first one I participated in was Michael Tanji's "Working in CyberSecurity" book. I first met Mike many years ago while he was working at Kyrus and they had just launched Carbon Black. Mike interviewed 12 subjects who held different spectrums of "cyber" such as making policy, being a product manager or in my case, doing investing in cyber companies. Mike did an hour long interview and recorded the transcript in "oral history" style. I've worked with several of the subjects of his book and think Mike did a great job of pulling different aspects of what it means to work in cyber for people in the field who want more and for people entering the world of cyber and looking for guidance. Some of the chapter content has been published on Mike's Medium blog, you can get the entire book as an audio book on Kindle for free and it is available for purchase in paperback on Amazon. 

The second project I participated in was "Tribe of Hackers". This was put together by
ThreatCare CEO, Marcus Carey and their Head of Communications, Jenifer Jin. This project engaged 70 different cyber experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and asked them all the same questions about cyber security strategy. It is an amazing view into the psyche of the industry as not all of the advice is identical, but it is all very relevant and useful. Most of the experts suggest you should do the basics in cyber - patching, hygeine, NIST CSF, .etc and if you want a great career in cyber, never stop learning and focus on what you enjoy learning. The book is available in paperback on Amazon and available for free as a PDF download. Amazon paperback proceeds support a variety of non-profits.