Cybrary Grows to 2 Million Users

Earlier this week, Cybrary announced they had grown their user base to more than 2 million users. Cybrary is a platform that offers a wide variety of free cyber security training for new and experienced information security professionals. It also is a community where you can become an instructor, learn about a variety of cyber vendors and open source cyber technology and potentially find your next job.

After reaching 2,000,000 users, Cybrary's co-founder and CEO, Ryan Corey said:

It took 2.5 years for Cybrary to reach 1 million users, it took 1.5 years from that point to reach 2 million. Now, we are seeing increasing user growth unlike ever before. This steady upticking growth really speaks to the increasing demand for cyber professionals at all levels of their careers. I wouldn't be surprised if we pass 3 million, some time around the end of 2019.

In 2019 Cybrary is looking forward to many things that will benefit their users:
  • Connecting highly trained and work role ready users, to enterprise jobs at scale.
  • Leveraging the learning and skill assessment data we have on the industry's professionals to drive career development more concisely than has ever been done before.
  • Scaling the Cybrary team to be around 70 people by the end of the year.
As an investor in Cybrary, I'm thrilled with how much they invest in giving back to the cyber community. They have become so popular that more than 96% of Fortune 1000 companies have someone using the Cybrary platform. They've also had great success at helping people new to cyber get jobs such as this series on becoming employees after three months of training.

If you have the interest in becoming an instructor, Cybrary can
be your platform to help reach millions of students. They have the resources and tools to help you build a great cyber course on your topic of choice. Teaching cyber courses is a great way to understand any type of cyber technology, give back to the community and even earn some revenue from your content.