Gula Tech Adventures Complete Portfolio Overview

Since founding in 2017, Gula Tech Adventures has performed a variety of investments directly in cyber start-ups as well as cyber funds. This blog captures all companies across each of our funds and direct investments and is updated as needed. Some companies are listed in multiple categories.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Algorithmia - Automates your data science and machine learning workflows and allows you to deploy and manage models at scale
Anno.AI – The ML-first SaaS application for unstructured data
ArthurAI - Centralized AI Monitoring and Auditability so you maintain control over production models – Deploys physical environment sensors with cloud AI analytics to predict downtime in industrial equipment - Adds machine learning powered features to iOS and Android apps with pre-trained models and only a few lines of code

Authentication and Privilege Management
Clear Skye - Identity governance and administration (IGA) on the Service Now platform
HighSide – Combines secure video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, multi-factor authentication and email security intro one slick and easy to use application that scales to 100,000+ enterprise users
HYPR – Password-less security for enterprise, consumers and many other use cases

Business Risk
4IQ - An identity intelligence company empowering analysts, security researchers & investigators with capabilities to uncover criminals & disrupt cyber attacks
BlackCloak - Concierge CybersecurityTM & Privacy Protection for High-Net-Worth Individuals, Family Offices & Corporate Executives
Flashpoint – Leading provider of business risk intelligence
Prevailion – Enables detection of malware in your supply chain and third parties to enable business risk
Strider - The world’s first risk intelligence platform enabling organizations to safeguard their personnel, intellectual property, and third-party network from economic statecraft risks

Communication and Collaboration
Attila – Offers an easy to use hardware based VPN for site to site and mobile users
Highside - Combines secure video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, multi-factor authentication and email security intro one slick and easy to use application that scales to 100,000+ enterprise users
KoolSpan - Talk securely anywhere on any mobile device with end to end encryption
Todyl - "Always On" VPN which includes firewall, secure DNS, content filtering, intrusion prevention, web proxy, malware interception and more

Data Analytics and Threat Hunting
Datalogue – Consolidate, transform, and clean up your data automatically with intelligent data pipelines and supervised machine learning
Gravwell – Unlimited log and binary data ingest and high-performance search platform that supports petabytes of data at a fixed price
HazelCast - The leading in-memory computing platform delivering the "System of Now" and ultrafast processing architecture for mission critical applications where microseconds matter
Polarity - Makes your cyber team smarter with desktop augmented reality - automatically tags and enriches any IOC or item on your desktop with threat intelligence, asset information, tickets and more

Data Security
Enveil – Uses homomorphic encryption to perform search and analytics without requiring decryption of data
Racktop - CyberConverged Network Attached Storage - Software defined secure storage with advanced security, encryption, monitoring and compliance controls
Secure Circle - The world’s first data-centric, always-on DLP, with built-in autonomous discovery & classification. Controls access & prevents data breaches by proactively encrypting data regardless of where it is created, consumed, stored, or modified
Symmetry Systems - Monitors database activity for compliance and anomalies in the cloud and private data stores

DevOPS and SaaS Security
AppOmni – Security monitoring and auditing for SalesForce, ServiceNOW and other leading SaaS applications
Concourse Labs - Automates cloud governance, protecting enterprise data, controlling risk, & accelerating success in the cloud for complex multi-cloud environments with a broad set of enterprise policies out-of-the-box
FireHydrant – Repeatable process and automation for IT incidents
NanoVMs – Run your code in unikernel virtual machines instead of containers for increased security and performance
StackRox - Container Adaptive Threat Protection - Docker & SecDevOps security monitoring and intrusion prevention

Embedded and Firmware Security
ReFirm Labs – Firmware security analysis made easy – useful for testing of products before they ship and auditing firmware being used inside your organization
RunSafe - Enables stakeholders, manufacturers and suppliers to harden embedded systems and devices to prevent cyberattacks

Human Resources and Training
Catalyte – Uses AI to recruit entire scrum teams anywhere in the USA
crosschq - The system of record for employee reference checks
Cybrary – Free cyber security training and recruiting platform
Ripple Match - Diversify your talent pool and gain access to a curated network of the most promising early career candidates in the country
Tall Poppy - Targeted harassment mitigation as an employee benefit

Industrial and Manufacturing – Deploys physical environment sensors with cloud AI analytics to predict downtime in industrial equipment
Inertial Sense - Offers autonomy platform and sensor components measure and control movement in a wide variety of solutions and environments for robots, drones and autonomous vehicles
Second Front Systems - Atlas Fulcrum is a powerful platform to identify, assess, and access innovative commercial technologies for national security

Malware, Threat Detection and Prevention
Bandura – Threat Intelligence Firewall - enables organizations of all sizes to aggregate, Integrate, and take action with threat intelligence to protect their networks in an easy and scalable way
Cysiv - Security Operations Center as a service - threat defense and managed security services
DNS Filter – Prevent and monitor network attacks with secure DNS – works on and off-premise
Dragos - Is the industry's most complete ICS cybersecurity technology, offering asset identification, threat detection, and response capabilities
GreyNoise - Security Intelligence generated by knowing who scans the web
Huntress - Detects malicious persistence on Windows computers for MSPs and MSSPs
IronNet Cybersecurity - Helps companies, sectors and nations defend against advanced cyber threats with behavior-based network traffic analysis and a collective approach to threat detection
SecondWrite - Deep Learning Malware Analysis - Forces evasive malware to detonate through binary re-writing

Patching & Vulnerabilities
Automox – Cloud based patch management for Windows, OS X and Linux
NanoVMs – Run older Windows applications on a unikernel, avoiding the need to run or patch the Windows OS
SynAck - Comprehensive penetration testing with actionable results. Continuous security scaled by the world’s most skilled ethical hackers and AI technology
Tenable (*) - The modern attack surface is exploding and Tenable helps you see and understand the full cyber risk across your enterprise

Phishing Prevention
Area1 - Finds and disrupts targeted phish preemptively and comprehensively across all traffic vectors – email, web and network
Inky - Prevents false emails and phishing attacks through artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning with support for G Suite and O365
PIXM - Eliminates phishing attacks delivered by email, social media, USB sticks and messaging apps with endpoint computer vision detection and prevention

Programing and Developer Tools
Blue Cedar - Embed Microsoft Intune or BlackBerry Dynamics into Critical Mobile Apps Without Coding
Retrium - Automates Agile Retrospectives to facilitate easy, effective and enjoyable agile retrospectives.
Secure Code Warrior - Offers an online secure coding platform that helps developers think and act with a security mindset every day
Tilt - Tilt manages local development instances for teams that deploy on Kubernetes.

Red Team and Adversary Simulation
Scythe - Enables blue, red & purple teams to easily build, emulate & replay real-world threat campaigns with a combination of communications & end-point capabilities

Web Application Security
CodeDX - Dramatically reduces AppSec testing time and makes it easy to understand relevant AppSec metrics
Contrast – Runtime Application Self Protection – enables web developers to detect and prevent breaches and code flaws
Tala - Stops Web Browser Attacks - Reduces fraud by agentlessly preventing browser attacks
WhiteOps - Web Advertising Fraud Prevention - Saves advertising budget by removing botnets from web leads

(*) Technically Tenable Network Security is not a GTA investment, but as co-founders and active shareholders, we list it here as occasionally we run into start-ups that are not aware of Tenable history.