AppOmni, Inky and Tala Security - 2020 RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalists


Gula Tech Adventures would like to congratulate the teams at AppOmni, Inky and Tala Security for being selected as finalists at the RSA 2020 Innovation Sandbox competition. We are proud to be investors in these companies and wish them all luck in this very public and highly competitive cyber competition!

AppOmni prevents software as a service data leaks in applications such as Salesforce. They recently raised a $10m investment from ClearSky. Gula Tech Adventures has been involved though our investment in Innerloop Capital and have interviewed their CEO, Brendan O’Connor, for our blog.

Inky stops phishing and spear phishing emails using advanced artificial intelligence. They recently raised $6m from both ClearSky and Gula Tech Adventures and were also a winner in the NYCx Cybersecurity Moonshot Challenge. I use Inky to protect all of our email to and from and it has stopped a variety of phishing attacks.
Dave Bagget is CEO.

Tala Security protects the modern web against a critical JavaScript vulnerability that threatens the future of online banking, ecommerce, online health and more. In 2019, they raised $9m from
Tech Operators - also a fund we are limited partners in - and we've been working with Tala as investors since their seed round. We've interviewed Tala CEO Aanand Krishnan several times for our blog.

Best of luck to Brendan, Dave and Aanand, and to all the competing founders at the RSA Innovation Sandbox this year!