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Ron and Cyndi Gula created the Gula Tech Foundation to amplify the impact of cybersecurity nonprofit organizations. The Gula Tech Foundation operates a $1,000,000 competitive grant process for cybersecurity nonprofits multiple times a year. Each grant competition has a unique cybersecurity focus. Grant winners receive a financial donation and will have the opportunity to participate in an all-expenses-paid marketing program to elevate public awareness of their organization.

The competitive grant process involves submitting information about your cybersecurity nonprofit, your plan to support the focus area of the grant program, a voting phase conducted by our grant advisory board, and a public announcement and implementation phase. For grant recipients, the public announcement and implementation phase includes presenting your nonprofit at a Gula Tech Foundation award ceremony, being featured on the Gula Tech Cyber Fiction show, and general exposure to the Gula Tech Adventures network of investors, startups, and entrepreneurs, as well as executing on the grant itself.

The Gula Tech Foundation will announce details about our next competitive grant program at the March 9th awards ceremony.  The next grant theme will be focused on Data Care and nonprofits that increase personal cybersecurity awareness and responsibility in the general public.

The January 2021 grant program focused on nonprofits which increase African American engagement with cybersecurity. Winners will be announced at the March 9th awards ceremony (registration required). The top three winners will each receive a $500k, $300k or $200k grant respectively. Finalists for the competition were announced on March 3rd.

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Dmitri Alperovitch

Executive Chairman at Silverado Policy Accelerator; Co-Founder & Former CTO at CrowdStrike
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Bryson Bort

CEO, Scythe and ICS Village Co-Founder
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Tony Cole

CTO Attivo Networks and former NASA Advisory Council, former (ISC)² Board of Directors
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Renaud Deraison

Co-Founder and CTO, Tenable

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Patrick Duggan

COO New Context, former Director Cybersecurity National Security Council, and Retired Green Beret
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Guy Filippelli

Managing Partner, Squadra Ventures
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Katie Gray

Partner, Investment Team at In-Q-Tel
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Karen Gibson

Retired U.S. Army General, former Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Cyber Command

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Aaron Hughes

GVP and CISO Albertsons Companies and Former DASD Cyber Policy
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Jack Huffard

Co-founder & Former COO, Tenable and member of the President’s NSTAC
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Jacob Hsu

CEO, Catalyte; former CEO for Symbio, Thunderchief, and Trilogica.
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Jamil Jaffer

Founder, National Security Institute and Senior VP IronNet Cybersecurity
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Meg King

Science and Technology Innovation Program Director at the Wilson Center
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Amélie Koran

Cybersecurity Expert, conference speaker and former CTO and CIO
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Andrew Lustig

Corporate Partner and executive at Cooley LLP, Co-founder of MissionLink, & counsel to dozens of leading cyber companies
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Heather McMahon

National Security Expert and Army Veteran

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Philip Niedermair

Managing Director of Strategic Alliances at Whiteford Taylor Preston
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Debora Plunkett

Board Chair, Defending Digital Campaigns and former Director of Information Assurance, NSA
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Tom Quinn

CISO T. Rowe Price
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Tony Sager

Senior VP & Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security

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Douglas Simon M.D.

Managing Director Private Client Group at Alex Brown/Raymond James
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Michael Tanji

Global Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff at Global Cyber Alliance
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Kiersten E. Todt

Managing Partner, Liberty Group Ventures and Managing Director, The Cyber Readiness Institute
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JC Vega

Executive Security Advisor, Co-founder Army Cyber Institute, US Army Colonel retired

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Julian Waits

Cybersecurity Executive, Devo General Manager and Chairman ICMCP
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Steven Witt

CEO, Anno.AI & Co-founder Culper Connect
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Alberto Yépez

Co-founder and Managing Director, Forgepoint Capital
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Sounil Yu

Creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and Former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America