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Anno.Ai was founded by former IC & DOD officers to build simple, easy to use solutions that enable our warfighters to overcome operational challenges & maintain the tactical advantages they need to serve the mission - quickly & safely. [Read more]
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Automox is the easiest-to-use & most-recommended cloud-delivered solution for more efficient cyber hygiene & patch management. [Read more]
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Bandura enables organizations of all sizes to aggregate, integrate, and take action with threat intelligence to protect their networks in an easy and scalable way. [Read more]

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Boldend designs products that support United States efforts to defend cyberspace. Their solutions blend cutting-edge electronic warfare components with next-generation cyber operations. [Read more]
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Uses AI and data science to build technology workforces for the world’s most progressive companies. [Read more]
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Runtime Application Self Protection - detects web app vulnerabilies missed by static, dynamic and crowd sourced analysis. [Read more]

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Build your cyber training program and use it to recruit new hires. 3 Million users strong! Become certified and master 100s of cybersecurity skills. [Read more]
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Leading provider of cyber threat, fraud, corporate security, physical security and insider threat intelligence.
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High performance data analytics, ideal for threat hunting, working with petabytes of data and replacing Splunk!. [Read more]

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GreyNoise analyzes Internet background noise. Use GreyNoise to remove pointless security alerts, find compromised devices, or identify emerging threats.[Read more]
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Combines secure video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, multi-factor authentication and email security intro one slick and easy to use application that scales to 100,000+ enterprise users
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Huntress helps their Channel Partners detect threats which slip past antivirus. With managed breach detection, channel partner customers remain productive while you remain the trusted advisor. [Read more]

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Talk Securely Anytime, Anywhere: Protect your calls and messages with end-to-end encryption.
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Prevents false emails and phishing attacks through artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning. [Read more]
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Run legacy and modern apps faster, safer and with less cost using single process unikernels. [Read more]

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Endpoint Anti-Phishing - eliminates phishing attacks delivered by email, social media, USB sticks and messaging apps with computer vision detection and prevention. [Read more]
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Augmented Reality for Your Desktop - Humans are good at analysis but bad at recall. Make your team smarter by giving them superhuman data awareness and recall. [Read more]
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CyberConverged Network Attached Storage - Software defined secure storage with advanced security, encryption, monitoring and compliance controls. [Read more]

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Retrium uses industry best practices to walk your team through an engaging retrospective from start to finish. As your team moves from gathering data to deciding what to do, everyone can follow along & collaborate towards the same goal.
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Speeds delivery of VC-backed, commercially developed technologies to government-funded national security missions, helping ensure U.S. warfighters receive cutting-edge capabilities quickly & cost-effectively. [Read more]
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Brings deep learning & forced code-execution to the battle against advanced malware. Their dynamic analysis malware detector uses patented technology to find, execute & characterize hidden code paths.

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Zero Trust Data Security. Controls access & prevents data breaches by proactively encrypting data regardless of where it is created, consumed, stored, or modified. Easily keep data from leaving your company & make desktop encryption an easy & pleasant experience for your employees. [Read more]
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The Total Internet Inventory. Powerful tools for third-party risk, attack surface management, & total intel. Discover exposed data before bad actors do. Browse external internet surfaces of any company from a simple interface.
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Scythe is an adversary emulation platform for the enterprise and cybersecurity consulting market. The SCYTHE platform enables Red, Blue, and Purple teams to build and emulate real-world adversarial campaigns in a matter of minutes. SCYTHE allows organizations to continuously assess their risk posture and exposure. [Read more]

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Trinity Cyber is a fully managed threat prevention service that makes your security operations better by preventing threats with extreme precision, reducing the volume of events overwhelming your team, and improving the performance of existing cybersecurity operations tools and personnel.
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Tala combines the power of standards-based security with patented analytics and automation to deliver rich insights into the code running on your website and safeguard it from attacks. [Read more]

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406 Ventures invests in technologies and tech-driven services that solve thorny problems for big markets in unique and compelling ways. Portfolio companies include Carbon Black, Edgewise Networks, HYPR, Terbium Networks and Veracode.
Stacks Image 513

C5 Capital is a specialist investment firm that exclusively invests in the secure data ecosystem including cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, data analytics and space. Portfolio invesments include 4IQ, Ironnet Cybersecurity and Enveil. [Read more]
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DataTribe leverages deep experience and expertise to build & launch successful product companies in Maryland. Portfolio companies include Dragos, Prevailion, Attila, EnVeil and ReFirm Labs. [Read more]

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Forgepoint Capital focuses on advancing the cybersecurity ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs, customers, strategic partners, advisors, and executives to forge the next generation of cybersecurity companies that protect the digital world. Portfolio companies include Attivo, Bishop Fox, IronNet and Reversing Labs. [Read more]
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Inner Loop Capital invests in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and enterprise SaaS seed-stage start-ups with a greater Washington DC and Silicon Valley focus. Portfolio companies include AppOmni, DNS Filter and Greynoise. [Read more]
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Squadra Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm led by founder-operators that invests in enterprise software that drives value — efficiency, security, top-line revenue — located in the Mid-Atlantic and other emerging technology hubs.

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Tech Operators invests in cybersecurity and business to business start-ups with a focus on Atlanta and southeast US companies. Portfolio companies include Endgame, Ionic Security and Kyck Global. [Read more]
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Work Bench is an enterprise technology venture fund based in New York City. They invest in category-defining enterprise technology startups early in their go-to-market. Portfolio companies include Algorithmia, ArthurAI, RippleMatch and Scytale. [Read more]

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2021 - StackRox was aquired by Red Hat. StackRox is strategically aligned with Red Hat’s view on offering security capabilities that enable a full-stack solution for those looking for enterprise-ready hybrid cloud solutions.
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2020 - Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking, ClearSky and NightDragon acquired WhiteOps. The new investment will be used to help expansion to areas such as application security and streaming music.
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2020 - Thycotic, a provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions, acquired fellow PAM solution provider Onion ID to extend its PAM coffering. With the acquisition, Thycotic added 3 new products to its PAM portfolio to further protect enterprise cloud apps and ensure remote worker productivity.

Stacks Image 460

2020 - Scytale Acquired by HPE. Scytale standardized, scaled and accelerated service authentication across cloud, container, and on-premise platforms. Scytale received investments from both Tech Operators and Work-Bench.
Stacks Image 437

2019 - Protego Labs was acquired by Checkpoint Software to offer serverless security monitoring. Protego joins the Checkpoint CloudGuard family and monitors AWS Lambda applications and APIs for user configuration and coding security issues.
Stacks Image 326

2019 - ThreatCare was acquired by ReliaQuest to integrate their attack simulation technology into the GreyMatter security platform for security operations centers.

Stacks Image 334

2019 - NewEdge's cloud first VPN which enabled secure application networking was acquired by Netskope to further extend their cloud security solutions.
Stacks Image 342

2019 - Gula Tech Adventures exited our investment in ThreatConnect after they received funding from Providence Strategic Growth. ThreatConnect continues to innovate in the threat and orchestration markets.
Stacks Image 351

2019 - Avast acquired TrackOff to offer PC, Mac and mobile solutions that enables consumers to see who is tracking them online and prevent personal information from being collected.

Stacks Image 359

2019 - NetScout acquired Eastwind Networks to integrate their security analytics and forensics of cloud telemetry (O365, Salesforce, .etc) and on-premise network traffic.
Stacks Image 367

2018 - Tenable held an IPO on the NASDAQ. Ron was CEO and co-founder from 2002 till 2016 and Cyndi was an executive at the company from 2002 till 2015.
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2017 - ForcePoint acquired RedOwl to integrate their UEBA technology to deliver holistic views of cyber behaviors.

Stacks Image 384

2014 - Cisco acquired ThreatGrid to integrate their dynamic malware analysis & threat intelligence technology with Cisco AMP.
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2000 - Enterasys Networks acquired Network Security Wizards and within a year, the Dragon Intrusion Detection System was recognized by Gartner as the top solution to detect network intrusions.