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Defending Digital Campaigns makes our political process more secure by providing political parties and campaigns with knowledge, products and services to defend themselves from cyber threats and attacks. Ron Gula is a board member.
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NSI is dedicated to finding practical answers to national security law and policy questions. Ron Gula is an Advisory Board Member.
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The Wilson Center's Congressional Cyber Lab trains congressional staff on the intricacies of cyber technology as they relate to privacy, critical infrastructure, bad Internet actors and how networks work. Ron Gula is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center.


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COMMIT seeks to provide high touch transition support that becomes the standard nationwide so veterans in all communities can access services helping them identify their passions, build strong networks, and leverage their skills in civilian careers. Cyndi and Ron have served as mentors to the program several times.
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Culper Connect is an alumni association of former US Government public servants and its mission is to enhance the connectedness of the alumni community.
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The Howard County Economic Development Authority helps businesses start and grow in Howard County, Maryland. Cyndi Gula is Vice Chair of the HCEDA Board of Directors.

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The HC EBOC assists the efforts of Howard County in procuring goods and services from minority, women and disabled owned business enterprises. Cyndi Gula volunteers on this commission.
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The National Cyber Education Program is a multipart K-12 education initiative designed to address our nation's critical workforce gap in cyber security.The initiative is in partnership with Discovery Education which currently serves 30 million k-12 students and 3 million teachers through its online education platform. Cyndi Gula is a board advisor.
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The SWSIS program provides scholarships of up to $10,000 for women studying for their Bachelors and Masters degrees in fields relating to information security.

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Year Up offers a one-year, intensive training program that provides young adults with a combination of hands-on skills development, coursework eligible for college credit, and internships at top companies. Cyndi and Ron often speak with the Baltimore Cyber and IT classes each year.


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A-OK exists is to help Howard County elementary and middle school students who are struggling to succeed. Cyndi Gula is Board President.
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The Howard County Conservancy is a nonprofit whose mission is to educate children and adults about the natural world, preserve the land and its legacy for future generations and model responsible stewardship of our environment.
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Ron and Cyndi Gula made a donation in 2019 to help the Howard County Hospital expand to meet the needs of the community.

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The National Cryptologic Museum is the National Security Agency's principal gateway to the public. It shares the Nation's, and NSA's, cryptologic legacy and place in world history.
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The Spookstock Foundation provides support to the families of those men and women from the US Special Operations Forces and intelligence communities who have served and who have died in the line of duty.
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VotingWorks is a non-partisan non-profit building a secure, affordable, and delightful voting system. Their voting machine creates paper ballots that voters can directly verify.